Aviation Advisory Service

aviation-advisory-serviceAtron has over 30 years of extensive aviation experience and is in the unique position to offer an independent Aviation Advisory Service. Having sold over 100 aircraft we at Atron know exactly how to advise you on both the sale and purchase of an aircraft (fixed wing or rotary) as well as on a multitude of other aspects of aviation such as ownership, maintenance and crewing etc.
Some of the services offered are:

Purchasing of new or pre-owned aircraft

Having in-depth experience and knowledge in this area we at Atron can advise and assist with the purchase of a new or pre-owned aircraft including pre-purchase inspection of a new purchase and placing a new acquisition on the civil registry or change of ownership. For new aircraft a factory inspection is essential to ensure all optional equipment ordered has been fitted and that with used aircraft the same applies and in addition all technical records and all inspections that might be due have been carried out.


Since the onset of the financial crisis in 2008, aircraft finance has become a much more niche product, with a wide difference between the offerings from each financier. Atron has strong contacts with Financiers and can introduce you to these institutions who will assist in sourcing the best Finance package.

Aircraft Airworthiness Control and Maintenance

High quality airworthiness control is an essential pre-requisite for good quality aircraft maintenance, which in turn is essential for keeping aircraft and aircraft parts safe, in optimal condition, and minimisation of expenditure. With our extensive knowledge of the aviation industry Atron can assist and advise on the continued safe maintenance of your aircraft. We can advise on the best CAMO (Continuing Airworthiness Management Organizations). Atron can arrange to dispatch Type-licensed engineers to inspect aircraft and helicopters which are either being sold or have their lease renewed or terminated.

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